Rotaract Club at LCC



On February 23, the Rotary Clubs of the Klaipėda region welcomed a new club, the International Rotaract Club of Klaipėda, based at LCC International University. The club consists primarily of LCC students, with LCC senior Sara Pavlova as the president.

To learn more about the club, we interviewed their Communications representative, Lindita Mhilli.

Lindita, tell us more about the Rotaract club at LCC.

The International Rotaract Club of Klaipėda is an organization of like-minded active individuals who are willing to serve and contribute not only to the LCC community, but all of Klaipėda as well. This mission is facilitated by the relationships we have with the other Rotary clubs and our joint projects.

What are your main goals and projects, if you will?

The three main goals we’ve set for ourselves are self-growth or professional development, team building or fellowship between our members, and service to the community through different projects.


 Who is a part of the club?

Currently, we have 15 members. Most of them are LCC students, but we also have locals and internationals outside of LCC. One of the ways we try to balance and diversify the club is by allowing the maximum of 30% of individuals with the same nationality. For Lithuanians, the limit is 40%. We are delighted that our members come from 8 different countries, and study or work in different sectors.

What goals have you, as a club, accomplished already?

So far we have had 5 guest speakers who shared practical and theoretical insights from their fields of expertise. These guests help our members grow and expand their understanding and knowledge in different fields. We had a few team building events where we spent time together and got to know one another better in order to effectively work and manage community projects. And finally, we had a few projects we organized ourselves, or in collaboration with other clubs. A few examples of these would be: Polyglot cafe, free German lessons, Rotary Christmas tree project, Autism awareness event, cleaning Dane river, etc.

What are your plans for the future?

For the future we plan to continue what we do presently but take everything to a larger scale, that is, try to involve more people from and outside of LCC who will help us in bringing the community together and making a positive change.

 Tell us more about the Inaugural event this last Friday.

Friday’s event was a very special celebration, because it was the 113th birthday of the Rotary International. More importantly for us, it was our club’s official inauguration ceremony. All of our members pledged their loyalty and commitment to Rotaract by saying a vow and this was symbolically represented by receiving a Rotary pin.