Student Council

The Mission of LCC International University Student Council (StuCo) is to create the environment for students of LCC International University, which provides quality of education; to promote unfettered self-expression, creativity, and civic participation, cooperation with the academic community, business and government.

Student Council exists to:

  • Promote cooperation among LCC International University administration, faculty, and students
  • Support and promote extra-curricular activities (clubs, meetings, etc.)
  • Organize events (entertaining and academic)
  • Assist students with issues related to Lithuanian Student Cards
  • Work on various projects that would benefit LCC International University community as a whole

Student Council members meet on a weekly basis to deal with the current issues and generate new ideas.

Student Council can also address current issues and defend student rights in LCC International University.

Students are very welcome to address any arising issues and to cooperate with the Student Council in the achievement of the common goals.

Governing Members

Oleksandr Zozulia

E-mail 1:
E-mail 2:
Office tel: +370 (46) 311 979

Viktor Holianych

Public Relations

Kateryna Hlova

Marketing Director

Tamta Gablisvili

Events Coordinator

Antonino Lleshi

Student Organizations Director

Rostislav Bershak


Jonas Priesatis

LSP Coordinator