Student Life

At a time when students make critical life decisions, the Student Life Department at LCC seeks to give shape and purpose to their out-of-classroom learning experiences. By leading programs and building relationships, staff provide students with a practical outlet for leadership and character development. They create an environment where students can explore what it means to lead effectively, before moving out to rebuild their communities.

The notion of developing life skills, values and leadership outside the university classroom is new to the Eastern European region. The Student Life department at LCC is the only program of its kind in Lithuania. Because the department is new and growing quickly, staff have the opportunity to work from the ground up — responding to the needs of students in the region and developing effective, relevant programs. The need for people committed to the transformation of students and society through such a program is great.


Service opportunities are available in each of the four following areas:

Student Services

  • Career Development Centre
  • Health Services
  • Counseling Services

Community Life

  • Residence Life
  • International Students
  • Study Abroad Program
  • Recreational Activities

Student Ministries

  • Chapel Program
  • Outreach & Discipleship Ministries

Leadership Development

  • Student Orientation
  • Student Committees and Clubs
  • Leadership Program Development


LCC is looking for Student Life staff who want to facilitate the rebuilding of civil society in Eastern Europe. Staff should be committed to developing quality programs and relationships that provide students with the opportunity for leadership and character development. Located in Eastern Europe, LCC is unique from North American liberal arts universities. Student Life staff should be eager to creatively implement programming in culturally appropriate ways.

Staff must have a minimum of a BA, though an MA is preferred for some positions. Previous experience with student populations, youth ministry or student leadership is preferred.

Date & Length Options

We request that staff commit for a minimum of one academic year (beginning of August to mid-May). We prefer longer term commitments. All expatriate staff begin their semester at LCC with a few days of orientation.