Student Life

At a time when students make critical life decisions, the Student Life Division at LCC seeks to give shape and purpose to their out-of-classroom learning experiences. By leading programs and building relationships, staff provide students with a practical outlet for leadership and character development.

The model of holistic education is new The Student Life Division at LCC is the only program of its kind in Eastern Europe. Our philosophy is firmly grounded in the belief that learning and character development happens in all areas of life: inside and outside of the classroom. We believe in the COMMUNITY that can help each person to find identity, meaning, and purpose in life.  Staff have the opportunity to work from the ground up — responding to the needs of students in the region and developing effective, relevant programs. We seek to engage all students in a holistic experience that reaches across spiritual, physical, and intellectual dimensions. The need for people committed to the transformation of students and society is great.

LCC International University is a diverse community of around 600 students who come from almost 40 countries of the world.  We seek to engage students in a transforming educational experience in order to create a generation of leaders for Lithuania, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia who think critically, promote democratic ideals, develop a market economy, and re-build the network of civil society.

Vacancies for 2018-2019 academic year 

We are currently looking for Resident Directors to join our Residence Life team. If you are  passionate about building community, mentoring students, and ensuring social, physical and spiritual well-being of the students, this job is for you.  Apply! 

Community Life

With Residence Life and Intercultural programming at the core, we seek to engage students in actively experiencing a holistic community through everyday living and learning, intentional programming, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, and restorative practices. Learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom, so our work is to educate students to become thoughtful and responsible members of the community who act with integrity and respect {and educate them on the importance of acting with integrity and respect}. Through events and opportunities designed and led by our professional staff and student leaders, we invite individuals to find their place and voice in a caring community, in a safe and supportive environment. We have established various support networks to  make our students feel safe and taken care of.

Our program is designed to make sure students are known and supported throughout their university experience. This includes programming to celebrate diversity on campus, often led by students who are passionate to share about their native countries. We find different ways of honoring customs and cuisine from all represented students. Students living in the dormitories often cook and share meals with their roommates. LCC realizes that for many students, there is difficulty at being far from family and have counseling support for whatever troubles students are facing.  There are many opportunities for students to be actively involved on campus whether through formal leadership programs, volunteer opportunities, or in student initiated clubs.


  • Associate Dean of Students
    • Student Counselor
    • Resident Director
    • Intercultural Education Coordinator

Career Development and Student Support

We seek to provide quality relevant student services while educating students to take responsibility, be proactive, and plan well. Navigating life after school is not easy and our staff offers a variety of useful workshops and special seminars throughout the academic year. Seminars include simulation interviews, CV writing workshops, job search techniques, etc. Students are provided with job opportunity listings as they become available throughout the year as well as summer job options. With around 60 % of students coming from outside of Lithuania, we have established a smooth process for all migration related affairs. Students always know they can get all of their questions answered whether it’s related to student ID cards, medical assistance, summer employment, or various internship opportunities.


  • Director for Student Support and Career Development
    • Migrations Affairs Coordinator
    • Office Assistant

Spiritual Development

The Spiritual Life program encourages all students to explore what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing tools and programming that introduce students to, and encourage students to ask questions about, the Christian faith. The Spiritual Life program also challenges Christian students to grow in their faith through Christian fellowship across cultures and through spiritual practices. Finally, the Spiritual Life program encourages service and justice in our local and world communities. We do this by connecting LCC students, staff and faculty with the needs of the local community in order to serve others and to right injustices.


  • Chaplain
    • Discipleship Coordinator


We seek mission-minded individuals who have a passion for student flourishing; are open-minded creative team players, seek to build bridges between cultures, faith traditions, and nationalities.  MA is preferred for all positions, though a BA with relevant professional experience may be considered. Previous experience with student populations, youth ministry or student leadership is preferred.

Staff should be committed to developing quality programs and relationships that provide students with the opportunity for leadership and character development.

Date & Length Options

We request that staff commit for a minimum of one academic year (beginning of August to end of May). We prefer longer term commitments. All expatriate staff begin their semester at LCC with a few days of orientation.

Our world is becoming more and more interconnected. If you are interested in an international Student Affairs experience, please check out our current openings.

As someone who is passionate about the holistic transformation students experience through their co-curricular involvement in college, working in the Student Life division at LCC was incredibly rewarding! Because most Eastern European universities haven’t yet established Student Development programs, students arrive at LCC unaware of what the concept of co-curricular education means. But year after year, I would hear students say that it was these outside-of-the-classroom experiences that really impacted their lives. By living in the residence halls, they were given an intentional community of care where they learned to mediate personal conflicts and experienced the gift of deep friendship. They lived side by side with people from other cultures and had their negative perceptions challenged as they discovered similarities with people they once viewed as only different. They taught Americans how to cook their national dishes, and learned how to bake American cookies. Through attending chapel or participating in a Spiritual Life Week event, they experienced God in new and exciting ways. They felt a sense of belonging at LCC that they hadn’t felt before – they felt that they were a part of something bigger than themselves. But I don’t know if they are aware of how much THEY impacted MY life. While I was at LCC to help them grow, they were inadvertently pushing me to do the same. By trusting me with their stories, by reminding me to be a learner first, and by helping me recognize how my home culture had shaped my expression and understanding of my faith (just to name a few). In 2002 I went to Lithuania for two years to change lives. I returned to America 10 years later personally & professionally changed in profoundly meaningful ways. If you’ve chosen a career in college student development because of the impact you can have on the lives of students, I believe there are fewer places on earth where you can contribute to a such a truly transformational community. But watch out — by going to LCC, your life will never be the same again. Kim Stave, Vice President for Student Life 2002-2012