Student Success Center


Student Success Center logoThe Student Success Center (SSC) provides assistance to LCC International University students to thrive academically and equips them to take responsibility for their education and learning.

Programs and Services

Orientation and First Year Seminar program

Freshman orientation engages students from the beginning of their time at LCC. Orientation introduces new students to the processes and resources at LCC and helps them understand what it means to attend a liberal arts university.

First Year Seminar (FYS) program continues this process by providing students with a solid foundation to succeed at LCC. FYS encourages students to grow personally, to take ownership of their learning, and to connect to others at LCC.

Writing Center

The Center is available to tutor and consult all students working on writing assignments for any course at the university. Trained tutors are available four hours per day for one-on-one assistance with student writing.

Advising and Accountability

One of the goals of the Student Success Center is to provide advice and support for students with regard to their academic choices – choice of major and choice of courses. This advice is provided in individual meetings with each student.

The Student Success Center also helps students who are struggling academically. Students are given one-on-one assistance. SSC staff supports student learning in all university courses by providing course-specific tutors (peers or other staff members) who have knowledge and experience in the various discipline areas.