The Beginning of a New Academic Year at LCC


September 4 marked the beginning of a new academic year at LCC International University. This year the LCC community welcomed more than 550 students from 38 different countries.

During the Convocation event President Marlene Wall addressed the crowded Neufeld auditorium: “I believe we are all part of a chosen community, or perhaps ‘a community by choice. ‘ We’ve all chosen to be here this year at LCC International University. That’s a complex concept – choice. We don’t have choices for everything in life. But I do believe that we’ve all chosen to be here. The fact that we’ve chosen this place at this time gives us a sense of purpose together.”

During the welcoming remarks the Vice-President for Academics, J.D. Mininger, highlighted the importance of intellectual curiosity: “Your questions, your dreams, your critical inquiries, your long days and nights of study, your achievements, your frustrations, your joys, your heartaches, your friends and colleagues and community – these are all fed by a merciless curiosity that we in our LCC learning community share: a pursuit of truth; a pursuit of grace to make wise choices and faithful commitments; a discomfort at easy answers; a righteous anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people; an empathy that seeks to transform pain into joy; … and the blessed foolishness to know that we are capable of doing so much more with our merciless curiosity than we ourselves can ever know.”  

Intentionality and intellectual inquisitiveness – these were the messages and challenges presented to the LCC community at the 2017-2018 Convocation assembly by the LCC leadership.